Engstler 429Q cuckoo clock

29cm tall x 23cm wide Black Forest farm house WE beat German seller by $6.00 on this clock. Great price for this clock on at $250.00

New stock now in from Germany. This clock has all the features of more expensive clocks and is our special priced item.

Two C batteries power this clock to cuckoo on every day light hour and when house lights are on.

When it is dark the clock will still run but the cuckoo will be silent and will wake up with the sun.

There is now a volume control  on the  QM model and both with and without music models have switch to tun off the cuckoo call at any time.

Complete with swing pendulum and imitation weights it looks like a traditional Black Forest farm house Cuckoo clock.

Available with 12 melody music on the hour after the cuckoo call add $25.00 total of $300.00

Price: 275.00 AUD
Company MAXXmarketing GmbH